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What if Brock Stays?


A few weeks back, I had written a column saying that WWE should roll with Roman Reigns as champion. When I wrote that column, it was under the pretense that Brock Lesnar would not be re-signing with WWE. I felt that if Brock was going to leave, then it would only be fair that he drop the title to Roman Reigns, and see if WWE’s “chosen one” can take the call and run with it. Someone then asked me, well Anthony, what if Brock stays? What if he re-signs with the company? I said that would be another column for another day. Well that day has come!

First thing I want to do is give Brock Lesnar props to playing hardball with WWE. He is showing that he knows his worth, and by showing up at the UFC Event a few weeks back, he knows that he has options outside of WWE. It’s good to not be a slave to such a rough business and to be able to come and go on your own terms. It looks like these negotiations are going to come down to the last hour before a decision is made either way, but I think that if he stays then the game changes completely in how WrestleMania ends. If he sticks around, then it should end with him holding up the WWE World Heavyweight as the conquering champion and with his theme music thumping through the arena.

If Brock re-signs and WWE keeps the belt on him, then it shows that Roman Reigns just isn’t ready yet which is absolutely fine. Reigns may simply need a little bit more time, and Brock Lesnar can hang onto the strap a little longer until WWE knows Reigns is ready instead of trying to convince themselves that he is ready. Last time WWE convinced themselves someone was ready, that champion nearly bankrupted the company while he was on top. If you don’t know who I am talking about, I’m talking about Diesel (Kevin Nash). Trying to force people to buy into someone that they don’t truly believe in can cause some major issues.

Then there are all of you marks out there that will say “But if Brock remains champion, that means we will continue to be a part-time champ!” So the hell what? You all keep harping on and on all about how the champion and the belt need to be on TV every week. I think that Lesnar’s reign has proven that to be false. As I have said before, I remember the days when the champion never wrestled on TV. If you wanted to see the champion, you paid money to see him wrestle on Pay-Per-View or you took your ass to the arena to see the champion. Why do you think that Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao is happening on PPV, and not being broadcast for free on NBC Sports Network or on ESPN? Because they know people are willing to shell out cash to either go to the arena or oder the PPV. 

This could actually help make the mid-card titles more important. If Lesnar isn’t around, then you can have Daniel Bryan with the Intercontinental Title and John Cena (or even Rusev, who I prefer) with the US Title. You can have two top names who can help make those titles seem important again while the champion isn’t around, and they can actually main event with those titles also. Note to WWE: If this happens, you can’t have your mid-card champion lose constantly in non-title matches for free every week.

Most important thing WWE needs to do if Brock stays is to get more dates out of him too. Don’t have him retain the title just to go into witness protection until SummerSlam. Of course, this will be up to WWE’s higher powers to decide how to use him if he re-signs. What do I know? I am just some guy who writes for a wrestling website, right? 

What do you think happens of Brock stays? Give me your thoughts! Hit me up on Twitter @whosantcox.


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