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Making A Case For A National Wrestling Alliance Promotion In New York


With the National Wrestling Alliance expanding into Europe with NWA Fight! Nation in the United Kingdom, NWA Supreme in Indiana, and NWA Blue Collar in Portland, the expansion has been successful under the watchful eye of it's president Bruce Tharpe. From Texas to the Mid-Atlantic to the Smoky Mountains, the NWA has made it's mark in the wrestling industry. But one region is missing in the NWA's map in recent years, and that is the northeast; specifically in New York.

Last time the New York metropolitan area had an NWA franchise was 2013, when NWA Liberty States was around. Now that there is no NWA franchises in the New York area, it is time to make a case for one in the near future. The opportunities for a franchise in either Long Island, one of the Five Boroughs or New Jersey will pay dividends for both the NWA and the Tri-State area. And to me as a wrestling fan, that would be nice to support an NWA franchise in the Tri-State area.

Will there be a possible NWA franchise in the New York Metropolitan area? Not at this precise moment however, but keep an ear out for future announcements from the NWA in the near future about a potential franchise in the northeast. There are lots of talent in the northeastern area and it would be nice to see them perform in an NWA promotion in the northeastern area in the future. I'm positive that the NWA will always try to find a promotion that suits the needs of everybody, but when it comes to the northeast, it's a miss so far. But hopefully they might get a franchise in the northeast soon.

One day, the National Wrestling Alliance will make it's return to the New York area. I don't know just yet.

Do you agree with what I said? Send me your thoughts on this topic by contacting me on Twitter @matthewhollie.


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