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That Cena Heel Turn Column!


There is question that has been asked for years, by fans all over the wrestling world. Should John Cena turn heel? If so, when? And all that good stuff. John Cena even talked about it on Chris Jericho’s podcast. He talked about how he was all set to do it, he even paid money for the new gear and all that good stuff. As we all know, the turn never happened. I can understand why the top good guy in pro wrestling wouldn’t want to turn heel. It’s a safe spot up top, even if you have worn out your welcome. Each week, John Cena is getting booed more and more by the fans who are tired of the whole “Hustle. Loyalty. Respect.” thing.  We hear the loud “Cena Sucks” chants that we have been hearing for years now too. Sure, he still has the kids and the women cheering for him but what happens when that well runs dry too?

It is really just history repeating itself, honestly. Hulk Hogan found himself in the same position at one point in his career the WWF. It was the early 90’s, he was getting played out as a babyface, and the fans began to turn on him in favor of wanting to see some fresh faces. He would leave the WWF, and give Hollywood a shot before trying to start fresh in WCW. Of course, the folks who were used to Ric Flair being the top dog didn’t take kindly to Hogan just coming in and being treated like God almighty in pro wrestling. As we all know, this led to “Hogan Sucks” chants on WCW television.  Eventually, he would turn heel as part of the nWo and have himself a fresh run at the top as a bad guy in WCW. He told the fans that all that talk about “The Training, the Prayers, and the Vitamins” he did it for the money, which was true but hey sometimes it’s reality that makes the best fuel for wrestling promos! The best part about it is that the fans loved it! How many of us out there enjoyed Hollywood Hogan? I know I did.

Do I really think they need to go the same route with John Cena? Nope. Here is why, I feel that John Cena is already a heel to a majority of that audience. He gets booed, he gets heat, and he makes the crowd respond to him in every single way.  I would even go as far as to say that John Cena is the top heel in pro wrestling right now. He doesn’t have heel tendencies at all because he is supposed to stand for all that is good, but he has heel heat. Fans watch Raw on hopes that he loses, don’t they? Fans pay money to go to WWE shows just to say “Cena Sucks”. If that isn’t a heel, I don’t know what is. 

As a lot of you know, I am not a big John Cena fan. I mean, I feel he is an important part of their company in terms of merch sales, philanthropy, and all the things that the top face of the company should do but he just isn’t my cup of tea. It’s wrestling, we all have the right to cheer or boo for whoever we want regardless of who the machine wants us to cheer for. Do you know what WWE would be doing by turning John Cena heel? In Essence, they would be turning John Cena into a face! Think about it. There are so many of you right now who boo John Cena, but that moment he makes his heel turn, you are the first ones cheering for him. I bet that majority that once booed him will cheer him.  He would have his fresh run, just like Hogan did and I am sure it would be memorable? He can say “All that talk about “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” was for the money, which is probably true. Maybe he can even get Wiz Khalifa in on the act. Cena saved his marriage. In return, Wiz would give John Cena some much needed credibility that is currently somewhere between Snow and Brian Austin Green. Can’t be any worse than the time WCW brought in Master P, right?


Wanna give me your thoughts on John Cena turning heel? Do you think WWE should test those waters? Do you think they are ready to test those waters? Do you think they ever will? You can hit me up on Twitter @whosantcox. You can also catch me on Facebook as part of the “World Wrestling Junkies” Facebook Group. I will be back soon with more Wrestling Nerd Commentary here at Kayfabe Kickout!


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