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The Better Deal Won!


It looks like the Briscoe Brothers are staying in Ring Of Honor. After months of speculation, the brothers signed a two-year contract to remain a part of ROH rather than taking a developmental deal from WWE. It makes perfect sense why the popular tag team in ROH made their case to stay with the promotion they help build their careers over the most powerful wrestling organization in the world.

Since 2002, Mark and Jay Briscoe helped made ROH into what it is today; a competitive promotion that has some young talent and veteran mainstays. The opportunity for them to make the big leagues has been closed for quite a while now, but as the saying goes; “Never say never."

While WWE was willing to give the Briscoes developmental contracts, it is apparent that they might take full advantage of it and one day make the main roster. WWE didn't make it any higher than that, so the Briscoes balked on the offer. Once ROH re-signed them to the two-year deal, it made all the sense in the world that the two of them wished to remain on the ROH roster instead of taking Vince McMahon's offer. Plus, while the brothers have their own business outside of the ring, they'll have to leave that behind of they indeed go to WWE. It was a smart move by the Briscoes, and it helped solidify the ROH roster.

As far as I'm concerned, the better deal won.

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