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Rosemary Is More Than A Death Dealer, She's The Next Big Thing


As a fan of wrestling, you either like the character or you don't. TNA recently unveiled a character that is unlike any we have seen in recent memory, and her name is Rosemary (known outside of TNA Courtney Rush). This acquisition will give TNA a shot in the arm regarding the talent depth in the Knockouts division. While she serves as the manager of Crazy Steve and Abyss, the potential of Rosemary mixing it up with the whomever TNA throws at her will help her in the long haul.

In recent years, Courtney Rush has been a key player in women's wrestling with her aggressive attitude. "I managed to be involved in key matches because I am a key player in this game, whether people want to admit it or not," Courtney said in an interview with The Barbwire Blog two years ago. I loved her debut segment with Crazy Steve and Abyss because she makes a real good impression. She totally brings out her Death Dealer character by integrating the Demon Assassin persona. Courtney Rush is always gonna be one of my favorites. I refuse to boo her every time she's in the ring.

Rosemary will bring her brand of violence to the ring sooner than you think. Like the character or not, you gotta respect her drive as a competitor. Courtney Rush is now big time.

In closing, I would like to take the opportunity to wish legendary wrestling columnist Mike Mooneyham on his retirement from print journalism. 40 years in the wrestling journalism business is an accomplishment. Now there are plenty of talented writers in the wrestling journalism business that will continue where he left off. Thank you, Mike, for being one of my influences in wrestling journalism.


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