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New Japan, Not TNA, Is The Legit #2 In The World


The wrestling world has evolved into an all-out war for being #2 to the almighty WWE. While people have said that New Japan Pro Wrestling has become the new #2 behind Vince McMahon's powerful empire, I believe this to be true also. TNA has been the laughingstock of professional wrestling in recent years but has gotten better in recent months. Ring Of Honor isn't getting any time slots nationally. 


NJPW has the second largest in attendance and revenue and is becoming a force in the international market. While TNA apologists still make the claim that TNA is still #2 based on their talent depth, I will make the case that NJPW  is #2 based on the revenue, attendance and an international audience watching the shoes on their streaming service and on AXS TV in the United States.

ROH has a solid online presence to say the least, and it's current partnership with NJPW will be the X-Factor in this battle for #2. TNA, with a television presence in the world but with zero pay-per-views and TV tapings at a slow pace, it isn't helping matters. NJPW is the best in the world regarding the talent depth,  and the marketing department doing the great job they have been doing. The only way to put it is that the facts speak for themselves, that the a lot of fans say that NJPW has the better product than WWE and TNA combined.


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