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Update On Bret Hart's Prostate Cancer Recovery


Bret "Hitman" Hart spoke with WWE.com and provided an update on his recent Prostate Cancer Surgery and his recovery since said surgery. 

“I got the thumbs up from my doctor that I should have a smooth and steady recovery for the next few months,”.

Hart commented that he was aware of potential issues with having Prostate Cancer as far back as 2013, when doctors started monitoring his prostate. 

“In June of 2015, my PSA level had doubled and another biopsy found that the cancer was indeed growing. After a consultation with my doctor, the decision was made to go in for a robotic prostectomy. We set the date for Feb, 10; it wasn’t a rush,”.

Hart further commented that although he was prepared for his Prostate Surgery, it was still very rough to go through. He's hoping that he will not have any further issues with his Prostate, after having surgery.

“There’s always a chance it could come back, but it seems my cancer was contained within my prostate. I have to get checked every three months for the next couple of years, and eventually it will be once a year, and eventually, in 10 years, they’ll tell me that I’m cancer-free forever.”


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