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Ryback And His Continual Journey To Stardom


It may be now or never for Ryback as it would appear the “Big Guy” is getting another push toward the top of WWE’s food chain. The former baby-face let it be known he is watching out for himself and only himself, and that he deserves another shot at the company’s World Title. For years, actually since his initial push at the company strap, the former member of the Nexus has been toiling in the mid card and has not received a huge push other than becoming a transitional Intercontinental Champion until the belt was won by Kevin Owens.

One former WWE employee, referee Jimmy Korderas was candid in the fact he wants Ryback to become more successful than Braun Strowman, who will be pushed as a top heel in the company after WrestleMania.

Here is what Korderas had to say…

"Ryback is much further along than Strowman as far as in ring ability goes so Ryback looks to be the immediate choice for monster heel. This new more aggressive style by Ryback is yet another attempt to get fans interested in him as he just was not connecting as a fan favorite. I believe the WWE should allow Ryback a little creative freedom to be more himself. He is actually a very well-spoken individual with a vast vocabulary. He could be the intellectual monster. Most big guys tend to be portrayed as brooding, angry people who tend to shout during promos. I would like to see Ryback speak like Nick Bockwinkle and beat the crap out of opponents like Brock Lesnar."

It’s hard to imagine Ryback in any other position than the bully on the school yard. There is no seasoning to his character. Yes, he has improved in the ring, showing fans more moves and more fluidity. But there is no belief he can be the mega star the company envisioned him to be when he was chasing CM Punk and the WWE Title a few years ago. To think he could just walk back into the main event and take on Lesnar or another established top guy is somewhat off the chain.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a column about how Ryback had all the makings of a huge star, with a solid look, a solid gimmick and the ability to devour opponents. The fans ate it up, but his shortcomings in the ring – being too stiff, not polished enough, and lacking on the microphone – would be his downfall. To some degree, there as validity in that assessment. But as a heavyweight and a wrestler who fits the mold Vince McMahon likes in his wrestlers, he should be doing more with what he has in front of him. There should be more to the character, more to the “story” of this guy, and it just isn’t happening.

Now, there is a rumor Ryback will work a program with Roman Reigns at some point in 2016 after WrestleMania, probably after Reigns has captured the WWE World Title from Triple H. Can a potential match like this, or a series of matches, get any more boring? Fans will surely revolt if this is the case, much like they said their peace about Strowman facing Undertaker at WrestleMania 32.

WWE is flawed enough without making Ryback a centerpiece at this time. The company would be better to repackage him (again) lose the Goldberg gimmick, give him the moves Wade Barrett will leave when he exits this summer and work on making the big man better in promos. If this all happens and the company and the fans are patient, then the character Ryan Reeves portrays will have some solid footing after a shaky few years trying to get ahead while he really is two steps behind.


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