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Hart Family Member Comments On Ranallo - JBL Controversy


Recently on his personal Facebook Profile, eldest son of the iconic Hart Family Smith Hart, shared his opinions on the controversy that stemmed between WWE Announcers Mauro Ranallo and JBL. For those of you who aren't up to speed on what is happening, a close friend of Ranallo's; Bas Rutten, made accusations that JBL constantly bullied Ranallo on a regular basis, while Ranallo and JBL were co-commentators on SmackDown Live. 


Below are a few excerpts from Hart's post regarding JBL and Ranallo


"A controversial issue that has made headline news as of late, seems to be the debate/saga surrounding Mauro Ranallo and John Layfield. As many may or may not know, we used Mauro as a commentator for Stampede wrestling in Calgary in his early days after he got started in BC for All Star Wrestling."


"At the heart of this entire issue is the passive submissive over-entitlement of today’s society, that when anyone does anything or says anything that offends them, they need to complain and cry until everyone apologizes. Its not that long ago that guys like Mr. Fuji, Curt Hennig, Davey Boy Smith, Johnny Valentine or even my father Stu were a part of this business and the ribbing nature that JBL is accused of turning into bullying ran rampant across the business." 


"WWE was simply a bucket list item for Mauro that has now been accomplished. WWE needed Mauro more than Mauro needed WWE. And frankly WWE clearly doesn’t need Mauro that much. It hasn’t been Mauro complaining publicly about this issue."


Hart is correct in saying that Ranallo himself has not outright accused JBL of bullying, during his time in the WWE, so it remains to be seen if JBL is guilty of such an accusation. Ranallo is not expected to return to the WWE, as an on air personality. However, he will remain with the company until his contract expires in August, 2017


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