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Sting Comments On Surfer Gimmick, On How Recognizable He Is In Public...


In a recent interview with The Dallas Observer, to promote his appearance at the Texas Frightmare Weekend on May 6th, former WCW World Champion and WWE Hall of Famer Sting spoke on some noteworthy topics, here are a few of note.


Sting comments on the surfer gimmick he donned in the 80's and 90's and how by and large it isn't missed by wrestling fans these days.


“I think nobody is expecting early '90s Sting at this point, I think everybody wants the Crow Sting anyway. That’s the one most fans will remember. It was more of a worldwide deal at that point. Surfer Sting was a worldwide thing, but it wasn’t as globally strong. I don’t have enough hair on my head to grow a flat top anymore.”


Sting comments on how even in 2017, he's still very recognizable when he's in public. 


“Sometimes I can’t go anywhere,” he says. “I don’t know what causes it, how or why – if it’s my demeanor or what I’m doing – but I always have my baseball cap and sunglasses on. Sometimes I go under the radar. Other times, every single person wants an autograph or picture.”


Sting speaks on what retirement from professional wrestling has been like for him thus far. 


“The word retirement is like, ‘What does that mean?’” For me, it means I’m not a human super ball anymore. I’m still very active and busy. Last year and this year, I’m picking and choosing, but I’m still out there doing appearances. I just got back from the Middle East, Qatar and Dubai. I’m going to the U.K. in September. I’m still doing stuff with the WWE.”


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