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Bret Hart Comments On The Undertaker's Iconic Career In The WWE


In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, former five time WWE World Heavyweight Champion Bret "The Hitman" Hart spoke very highly on the legendary WWE career of The Undertaker. 


Hart spoke on the infamous 'Montreal Screw Job' and how The Undertaker helped him through the aftermath backstage after the match at Survivor Series 97'.


“I punched out Vince McMahon in the locker room, but the only reason Vince was in the locker room was because of Undertaker, Undertaker pounded on Vince’s door after the ‘Screwjob.’ He said, ‘Get your ass down to that dressing room and explain yourself’, and Vince wouldn’t have listened to anybody else.”


Hart commented that while The Undertaker was similar to Andre the Giant, in terms of his backstage presence, Taker had an even greater impact backstage in the WWE.


“Andre was a great guy, but Undertaker was a voice for the whole dressing room, I was a voice, too. Then, after I left WWF, [Steve] Austin and certain guys, like [The] Rock, also became a voice in the locker room. Undertaker was always a leader in the dressing room, always a man’s man. No one ever doubted what he said because his word was good. He was a guy that set the dressing room standard. If you had an issue or personal problem, you could go to Undertaker and he would help you.”


Hart spoke very highly of his match against Taker at SummerSlam 1997. 


“When I wrestled him, Undertaker said something to me that I loved,” said Hart. “He said, ‘I’m so glad I get to work with you because I can finally show everybody that I can actually wrestle.’ He wanted to show everyone that he could do stuff, not just be Frankenstein. I thought he was a phenomenal wrestler and I loved working with him. The match I had with him at SummerSlam is one of my favorite matches of all time.”


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