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Former WWE Creative Writer Wanted To Retire The Undertaker In The Early 2000s?


From his Official Twitter Account, company executive Michael "P.S." Hayes, made a claim that former WWE & WCW Creative Writer Vince Russo wanted to retire The Undertaker, when Russo returned to the company in the early 2000s (2002 more specifically). Hayes backed up his statement by specifically mentioning two fellow WWE Creative Team Members; Paul Heyman and Brian Gerwitz.


"If U don't believe me, ask Heyman and Gerwirtz!!! I'm not lying. Russo wanted to retire Taker, I made more money with Taker after that! True"


There could be some truth to what Hayes is saying. On an episode of his own podcast in 2016, Vince Russo commented that The Undertaker wasn't particularly fond of Russo, when the two worked together. 


"I found out through Terry Taylor that I had a little bit of heat with Taker. Terry said to me 'he told me he always asked him to work when he was hurt. You used to expect him to work when he was hurt.' That really hurt me, I respected the Undertaker more than anyone else. I would never in my wildest dreams ask somebody to work a match if they were hurt. I said 'with all due respect, Taker never told me he was hurt."


Luckily, The Undertaker didn't retire during that time and some of his greatest matches in his iconic career happened years down the road. 


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