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J.J. Dillon Explains Why There Was No Long Term Feud Between The Horsemen & The Midnight Express


In a recent interview with “The List & Ya Boy” Podcast, iconic professional wrestling manager of The Four Horsemen and former on screen WCW Personality J.J. Dillon explained why there was no long term feud between The Horsemen (Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard) and The Midnight Express.


Dillon basically explained that he wanted Blanchard & Anderson and The Midnight Express to wrestle other tag teams and not each other, due to the lack of quality heel teams in the 1980s.


“When you have two heel teams that have a track record of success, as Tully and Arn had as Horsemen, and as the Midnight Express had with Jim Cornette, one of the greatest managers of all time, why would you put them in a match when you have two proven commodities that draw when you have The Road Warriors around, you have the Rock & Roll Express around? There were a lot of options for matches on cards. Don’t take the two heel teams and put them together because that leaves all the other guys. There wasn’t a lot of heel teams that could carry the load like that in my opinion. I’m proud of Tully and Arn. they’re probably the greatest tag team I ever saw. I’m a huge fan of The Midnight Express… I was always on the creative side of it, looking at the big picture, the whole card and where we could go next week,” 


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