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Mark Henry Recalls Telling Shawn Michaels: "I Will Rip You Off The Bone."


In a recent sit down former WWE Superstar MVP and his podcast 'The VIP Lounge', former World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry spoke on some noteworthy topics. One of particular interest, was his standoff with Shawn Michaels, after Michaels pranked him when he hid crutches, in his early days in the WWE in 1996.


Henry comments on Michaels' ribbing. 


“Shawn is all in my face, like, 'Aw man, big guy, they hid your crutches?' I was like, 'Man, you think this motherf-cker standing in front of you's going to protect you from me? I will rip you off the bone, and then I'm gonna put my foot in your ass.' So Shawn goes to Vince and says, 'this motherf-cker just threatened me."


After that incident, Michaels apparently went to WWE CEO Vince McMahon and essentially squealed on Henry. McMahon sent Henry to Stampede Wrestling, as a sort of punishment. Henry recalled. 


"I was the first developmental talent, I was the first guy that they hired to say, OK, they're gonna make you a wrestler. Man, it was a bunch of s--t that happened to me that these kids don't have to worry about it because I f-ckin' set the template."


Mark Henry has come a long way two decades later and has achieved massive success in the WWE. It won't be long before he's getting the nod for the WWE Hall of Fame. 


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