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Deonna Purrazzo Talks Struggles In Women's Wrestling, Damage To Her Body...


In a recent interview with Mic, former WWE NXT & TNA star Donna Purrazzo sat down and discussed various topics of interest. One of note was the overall struggle that women's professional wrestlers endure on a daily basis, both inside and outside of the ring. 


Purrazzo commented that even though she's reached the top of the mountain with the WWE, the struggle still looms. 


"I think the biggest [struggle] is one we're fighting every day — to be athletes and treated with the same respect as the men. We are in the midst of the biggest boom period of women's wrestling and there are opportunities all over the world for women to learn and experience from, but people still argue this isn't for women. Hopefully, we as women continue to break down barriers and produce the best quality wrestling possible," 


Purrazzo commented that the single greatest part of her body that receives the most damage, is her face and head.


"So far, I have broken my nose twice, I've had a concussion and have had seven stitches under my left eye from a catch gone wrong in the ring. However, we are trained to expect injuries to happen and how to cope with them as they happen and know, 'The show must go on!"


Purrazzo commented that she'd like to eventually see a World Women's Championship in Ring of Honor.


"Gosh, that’s so hard for me to answer because all I’ve seen and ever wanted for women’s wrestling is happening right now in the present. In years’ time, I would love to see Ring of Honor present a Women of Honor Championship."


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