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Monday Night Heat


Have you heard? Enzo Amore is becoming the biggest heat magnet in WWE since JTG! He has fallen out of favor with management and with Vince McMahon himself. Whether it’s not having proper etiquette backstage or acting like a complete moron simply because you are signed to WWE, it has allegedly landed him in the doghouse. Nothing but fleas and ticks from here. JBL had said that outside of The Miz, once a talent was blackballed and shunned by everyone else, they simply fade away before eventually being eventually wished the best of luck in their future endeavors. Again, look at JTG. He spent the last year or so of his WWE career in catering, not really getting booked on any shows. He couldn’t even get a match of WWE Superstars at that point. Will the same thing happen with Enzo? Only time will tell.


So why does Enzo have so much heat? Well the rumor is that he made some disparaging remarks over the phone to a friend about pro wrestling, and he also bragged about how much money he was making all while someone else was listening and snitched to management on him. Enzo, I commend you for being one of the few in pro wrestling who are “In it for the bankbook, and not the scrapbook”, but come on! Don’t talk shit about your employer WHILE you are at work! The snakes lie in wait! Then there was the situation where he was in a strip club while a disinterested stripper had no idea who he even was, but trying use his WWE fame to get some love from a chick. WHAT A MARK! If Enzo walked into my local grocery story with me, some people would know who he was whole others would ask me, “Ant, who was that absurdly dressed white dude you were hanging with?” This isn’t 1997 where a wrestler can walk into a public venue and have everyone recognize them.


Now there have also been rumors that the reason why Enzo took so many beat downs when he was teaming with Big Cass is because Vince liked seeing him get tossed around like a rag-doll. I am not sure why Vince gets a kick out of it, but whatever! It is another situation where I am sure it doesn’t bother Enzo because he is getting paid regardless. Now the question is: can he recover? Can he get back into favor with the brass at WWE? I think that the ball may be in his court on this one. He will pretty much have to sit down and shut up! He has to understand that he will need to remain professional all throughout him time in WWE to avoid more BS! I know those Jersey boys like to ruin their mouths and all, but this is a time where he has to be quiet.


Corey Graves had suggested that maybe he go back to NXT or even head to 205 Live. I am a huge proponent of the latter! While he wouldn’t be out there doing shooting star presses and a bunch of dives, he would probably be the best talker on the brand. With that crowd always so stagnant and indifferent after SmackDown is done, he can definitely help liven it up a bit with his charisma. Make no mistake about it, charisma will take you further than wrestling ability ever will. He could do the former, and head back to NXT where he would be over and welcomed with open arms but there is a part of me that feels like that would be a step backwards for him. A third option could be managing someone who doesn’t have the gift of gab like he does. All I know is that hanging out with Big Show while he is feuding with is ex-partner Cass really does nothing for him. That is a feud where Show is passing the torch to a guy that Vince seems to have said “I want you to be as much like Diesel as possible!”. The possibilities are out there, and I have no idea where WWE is going to go when it comes to Enzo. What I do know is that if he doesn’t get it together, there will be one of to describe him and I’m gonna spell it out for you: F-I-R-E-D! FIIIIIIIRED!


So what do you think? Will he recover? Or will we be seeing him on posters for indie promotions soon? As always, you can hit me up on Twitter @whosantcox or you can follow me on Instragram under the name Ultragoldenant where you can see dank memes, gym selfies, superhero shit, and classic videogame stuff! I will catch you next time, wrestling fans!


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