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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due…


In writing columns, there is one thing that I have learned. That I’m not right all the time! That is OK, because what I write is simply opinion and not fact. What was I wrong about you say? If you read my Enzo column a few weeks back, I pretty much felt that his heat would make it so that he would get pushed further and further down the card to the point where he would eventually find himself on the Future Endeavored List. Well here we are now, and he is WWE Cruiserweight Champion. While I don’t know where they plan to do with all of this, his spot in WWE is secure for now.


The one thing that he has going for him is that ability to talk. When he made that speech on Raw about making 205 Live relevant by showing up, I sort of found myself nodding in agreement because while the rest of the roster has the wrestling skills, none of them can match him when it comes to charisma and merchandise sales. It is what it is. Honestly, it was probably those things that helped him keep his job. Being Cruiserweight Champion does give him a fresh slew of opponents in singles competition even beyond Neville. Maybe his mic work can bring the mic work of the people he competes with up, and their work rate can bring his up.


Going to 205 Live is possibly the best thing that could have happened to him. Not only will it give him fresh feuds like I had stated in the above paragraph, but it also allows him to still be on Raw each and every week where he can continue to entertain there too. What I like about him is that he is almost in the vain of champions like The Honky Tonk Man. Someone who is so annoying and braggadocios that you will gladly pay money in hopes of seeing him get his ass kicked. Plus, it seems like a lot of the guys on the roster don’t like him anyhow. The guy is a heat magnet outside the ring, so he will probably be one inside the arena too!


There is one thing that I find interesting in all of this. Yes, he may be a champion now, but that hasn’t stopped Vince McMahon in enjoying the weekly pastime of watching Enzo get rag-dolled by other guys. Case in point, after he was beaten down by Neville to end Raw, he was then beaten down by Braun Strowman, and THEN he was beaten down by the whole Cruiserweight Division who did everything to him short of whipping their dicks out and pissing on him after the beatdown was over. Still,I get the guys in the division wanting to beat the crap out of him! He made quite a few jokes at the expense on Monday night, but what was the reasoning for Braun Strowman to mow through him like that? It isn’t like Enzo is going to get revenge on him in the coming weeks! If he tries, Strowman would destroy him in a squash match. It came off as Vince pretty much saying “No, Enzo, the beatings aren’t going to stop just because you are a draw”.


For now, he can enjoy the luxury of being a champion in WWE. He seems very content with the fame that he has gotten, and as we see, it has not humbled him at all! I want to give him his props for adjusting with all the changes that he was put through within the last few months. He will probably continue to take his licks in all of this, and do it all in hopes that it leads to something much bigger for him. With his ability to get the attention of the room, maybe it will. He just has to be sure not to do anything to screw it up. Like he can’t mouth off to Vince or get a Wellness Policy violation this stage. After all, he’s no Roman Reigns or Randy Orton!


So what do you think? As always, you can hit me up on Twitter @whosantcox OR you can follow me on Instragram @ultragoldenant. Be sure to check out KayfabeKickout on Facebook as well as Twitter, and also be sure to check out the World Wrestling Junkies group on Facebook! I will catch you next time, wrestling fans!


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