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Updated: Rusev Initially Replaced For Greatest Royal Rumble Match In April, But He's Back In The Match


WWE has changed one of the participants of the Casket Match at The Greatest Royal Rumble in April, Rusev more specifically. He's being subbed out and his replacement is Chris Jericho, so now it's Jericho vs. The Undertaker. The change by WWE was apparently made, due to Rusev's wife Lana protesting his participation in the match, but there could be a non-storyline reason for the change. 


Rusev apparently has changed his WWE name on his Official Twitter Account and has removed the WWE from his list of followers. There is allegedly no indication on his account that he's still with the WWE, however he's still listed on the WWE.com SmackDown Roster, so this could be just an elaborate, unfolding future storyline cooked up by the WWE. 


*Update* Rusev has been booked back in his match against The Undertaker at the Greatest Royal Rumble on April 27th. 


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