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Ronda Rousey Files For Trademarks, IMPACT Throws Shade At WWE


WWE RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey filed for two separate trademarks, for pro wrestling and merchandise use through her company Rowdy Ronda Inc. She filed "The Rowdy Ones", and "Rowdywear". 


WWE has changed its Hell in a Cell structure from silver to red recently and IMPACT took notice, as the company threw a bit of shade toward the WWE on said change. 


A red steel cage with a ceiling? Sounds familiar. pic.twitter.com/CktRRlP3Mg

— Global Wrestling Network (@GWNapp) September 15, 2018


Back when the company was TNA, the company had a similar structure called used for its "TerrorDome/Steel Asylum" Matches. Wrestlers would have to escape via. a hole in the top of the enclosed cage AAA (Domo de la Muerte - "Dome of Death") and WCW (Thundercage) had their own variations of a similar match before TNA.


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