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Bobby Lashley Upset That A Match Between Him And Brock Lesnar Never Happened

September 19, 2018



In a recent interview with The Big J Show on KRSQ Hot 101.9 in Billings, Montana, WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley spoke on a number of topics. Most notably, his disappointment of WWE not booking a match between him and Brock Lesnar as of yet. 


"I wasn't so much bummed, I was more pissed off," Lashley admitted. "Ever since I came into WWE, there's always been that comparison, and our paths have never crossed." 


Lashley commented that he's had several conversations on the matter with Paul Heyman, but as of yet not Lesnar himself.


"I'm waiting for it to happen," Lashley said. "I think so many other people are so also. It's something that's going to be electric, it's something that... needs to happen." 


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